Our Mission: To provide incoming freshmen the opportunity to ease their transition into college by providing a summer experience that includes reduced tuition and housing, small class sizes, academic and life skills training, mentorship, and social engagement.

College Ready Is…

A summer program for incoming freshmen students that will begin on July 3rd, 2017 and end on August 3rd, 2017. This living and learning community is designed to give students a head start on their college careers by taking courses, living in the residence halls, and getting to know fellow Bulldog students and professor. It allows new students to become acquainted with campus in a relatively calm environment.

The courses offered in College Ready are among the most sought after by freshmen. Outside of the classroom, the program helps introduce students to many of the campus organizations available to them. Faculty and staff go to extra lengths to make sure the students feel confident during the transition from high school to college. Students can get a head start on their degree by taking one or two courses before the fall semester begins. College Ready students participate in a living and learning community by moving in to one of the newest residence halls, taking classes taught exclusively for College Ready students, and getting to know new friends, their professors, and campus leaders.

College Ready is a great way to get pre-requisite courses out of the way so that you can get to the classes that interest you the most even sooner. College Ready also has been designed specifically for students who want to focus on developing their math skills and getting prepared for College Algebra by the fall of their freshman year. This program provides students the opportunity to receive a strong basis in the fundamentals required to be successful in College Algebra and higher math courses.

Are You College Ready? Please Check this website frequently for updates on College Ready. For more information on College Ready please contact the Coordinator, Mr. Nick Hyer at nh239@msstate.edu or (662) 325-7231.


Housing will be provided in one of our newest residence halls on campus, Oak Hall. Students in the College Ready program will be able to secure sought-after housing assignment for their entire freshman year as a benefit for participating in the College Ready program, but only if you make the April 1st deposit deadline. If a student prefers a different residence hall for their freshman year, he/she will be given housing priority based on his/her MSU Fall Housing application. We have discovered that students strongly preferred the opportunity to remain in the same hall, in many cases the very same room for their entire first year.

All students accepted in a College Ready program and who have paid their $100 non-refundable deposit by April 1, 2017 will be given priority housing assignments for their Fall term. Applicants accepted after April 1 will be assigned their Fall Housing based on their original housing priority.

Oak Hall will be staffed with a Graduate Residence Director to oversee each building. In addition College Ready Mentors will be available to help students with any questions or concerns they may have.

Be aware, priority housing is contingent upon a student’s participation in the College Ready program, and MSU Housing reserves the rights to reassign a student who does not attend or complete the program. For more information about MSU’s Housing and Residence Life see: http://www.housing.msstate.edu/.

Meal Plan

Students who wish to purchase a meal plan please contact dining services at the website below: Summer Meal Plan.

Financial Aid

Student financial aid in the United States is funding that is intended to help students pay education-related expenses including tuition, fees, room and board, books, and supplies for education at a college, university, or private school. Financial Aid is available if you qualify. You must complete FASFA for the 2016-2017 academic year since summer terms are considered part of the previous year. A step-by- step process is located at http://www.sfa.msstate.edu/howto/ and FASFA application is located at http://www.fafsa.ed.gov/.

If you have any questions or need help navigating the Financial Aid process, please contact a Financial Aid counselor at (662) 325-2450.


When will College Ready application process begin? 

College Ready will open its application process in December 2017. Please check the website for updates.

When can I move into my residence hall for the College Ready program? 

College Ready begins in July. Dates have not been currently set for move in please check back later for updates.

Do I have a choice of residence hall? 

No. All students participating in College Ready 2017 will be housed in Oak Hall, which opened in Fall 2012.

Can I stay in my College Ready residence hall for my freshman year? 

Yes. This was found to be one of the greatest benefits. All College Ready students who want to take advantage of this premium housing selection for the fall should indicate Oak Hall as their first preference on their MSU Fall Housing application form. To take advantage of this benefit, students must be accepted and pay the $100 non-refundable deposit prior to April 1, 2017.

Can I move to a different residence hall for Fall 2017? 

Yes. If a student prefers to move into a different residence hall, he/she will indicate their preference of residence hall on the MSU Fall Housing application form. Students participating in College Ready will be given priority in Fall housing assignments. To take advantage of this benefit, students must be accepted and pay the $100 non-refundable deposit prior to April 1, 2016.

Do I have to move home between the end of the College Ready Program and Move-In Day for all Freshmen students? 

It Depends. Students have the option of going home before the Fall 2017 semester begins. Students will have the option to stay on campus if they participate in New Maroon Camp. To find out more information about New Maroon Camp click HERE

Do I have to live on campus for the College Ready Program? 

Yes. Because the program is designed to create a special living-learning community, we require that all students live on campus in the designated residence hall.

If my roommate for the Fall semester is not in College Ready, can we still room together? 

Yes. Every effort will be made to accommodate you and your roommate according to the preferences indicated on both of your MSU Fall Housing application preferences list.

Will I be taking classes with upper class MSU students? 

No. You will be taking classes with College Ready students who are all first-time freshman students like yourself.

Can I take other classes offered at MSU? 

No. Not as a part of College Ready. The courses in the program are available only to College Ready students and all College Ready students will be restricted to these courses.

Do I have to buy a meal plan?

No. But if you would like to purchase a meal plan we have provided a link for dining services below: http://www.campusdish.com/en-US/CSS/msstatedining

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College Ready Cost

The cost of College Ready is summer tuition plus housing at a 25% reduced rate. In addition, Out-of-state tuition is waived but only for this summer program.

Tuition is based on the number of credit hours the student is taking which ranges from 3 credit hours to 7 credit hours.

Summer tuition costs can be found here: http://www.controller.msstate.edu/accountservices/tuition/

Courses We Plan To Offer

All courses taught in the College Ready program fulfill university general education requirements. Courses will be offered in the General Education categories of Fine Arts, Humanities, Mathematics and Statistics, Natural Sciences, and Social and Behavioral Sciences. Once students are admitted to the program, they will indicate their preferences for courses. Final selection of course offerings will be in part based on the student populations admitted to the program.

English Comp I
, EN 1103
English Comp II, EN 1113

Fine Art
ART 1313, Art Appreciation

PHI 1113, Introduction to Logic

Mathematics and Statistics
MA 0103, Intermediate Algebra (student does not receive credit however, it is required if student has less than a 19 Math ACT subscore),
MA 1313, College Algebra
MA 1323, Trigonometry
MA 1713, Calculus I

BIO 1134, Biology I

Social and Behavioral Sciences
PSY 1013, General Psychology

College Study Skills
LSK 1023, College Reading and Study Skills

CO 1003, Fundamentals of Public Speaking

New Maroon Camp

College Ready students who wish to remain on campus between the end of College Ready and the beginning of Fall semester MUST participate in New Maroon Camp!

Secondary Education student helping high school students with classword A student walks through the drill field Students meeting on the steps outisde the business school A photo of McCool Hall's exterior